We’ve spent years starting, scaling and investing in online education businesses.

With an obsession for growing online course businesses and our straightforward acquisition process, we’re committed to being the partner of choice for top course creators.

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A Knowble pursuit.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed an explosion of technology that empowers entrepreneurial educators to build remarkable online learning businesses. With the creator economy still in its early days, we believe more and more founders will make the Knowble decision to transform their knowledge into online courses businesses.

Our vision is to be the #1 buyer of online course-based businesses - providing entrepreneurial educators with a superior pathway to profit from and grow what they’ve created.

Our industry experience, know-how, access to capital, and long-term mindset makes us uniquely positioned to offer founders attractive exits while ensuring their business will continue to grow long term.

Selling your business is a big decision and potentially time-consuming.

We offer a simple process that emphasizes founder outcomes and speed while giving entrepreneurs confidence their business will be in good hands.